Trent Reznor issues a cease and desist to Fox news

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Glassphyxie kept a running dialogue open lastnight while watching a documentary on Fox News called "War Stories," about World War 2 veterans and their stories. "They played The Mark Has Been Made during opening segments... The Great Below in the background of the guys telling their War Stories [about] Iwo Jima [and later they played] La Mer." Thanks for the emails, and don't worry that you sent three in a row. You could do worse - they were at least three different messages.
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Posted on [10_24_2006] by trentreznor

Thanks for the Fox News heads-up. A cease and desist has been issued.
FUCK Fox Fucking News.

Another lawsuit in the making? Discuss here

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Fordring's Quest

In this guide, you will be walked through the quest line that involves Tirion Fordring in EPL. You should be at least level 56 to complete the initial set of quests, but will most likely need to be level 60 to get invited (or succesfully complete) to a live strat group. The rewards for this quest aren't spectacular, but if you have a weak spot in your gear this is a great chain to go after.

http://www.thottbot.com/index.cgi?qu=5944 for a list of the rewards.

As always, a mod that adds coordinates to your map is one of the best tools you can have in WoW, I'll be using coordinates frequently in this guide.

First you must complete the three quests from Tirion Fordring (6, 47) in EPL. These quests can be completed by much pretty wondering around EPL and killing anything you see that you need. CTRL + Click on the quests in your quest log to have it show your progress on the side of your UI.

Demon Dogs: The Plaguehound Runts are in the fields all along the path from Western Plaguelands to Corin's Crossing. The Plaguehounds can be found in the fields between Tyr's Hand and Light's Hope Chapel. The Frenzied Plaguehounds are located in the fields just South of Northpass tower. (53, 33)

Blood Tinged Skies: The Plaguebats are pretty much everywhere throughout EPL. A good spawn area is (33, 82). These guys can be a bitch, they fear a lot. Be careful.

Carrion Grubbage: Kill Carrion Grubs and Carrion Devourers in EPL. They are everywhere. They drop rate is pretty high and you'll get more than 1 drop off of the Devourers.

Once you've completed the three quests go back to Tirion Fordring (6, 47).

For the next quest, Of Forgotten Memories, it's best to have one or two friends with you to help out. (I happened to stumble upon the horde attempting this quest, failing, and me picking up the rest of the slack solo) Anyways, go to (27, 86) in EPL. Once you loot the grave 4 adds and a named with start attacking. Kill the adds first and then the named. Otherwise you won't be able to complete this part of the chain. Take the hammer back to Tirion. (6, 47)

On "Of Lost Honor" travel to (71, 34) in EPL to pick up the symbol. It's in the water. Return to Tirion. (6, 47)

For the next part (Of love and Family) travel to (65, 75) in WPL. The artist will tell you about a painting that is located on the scarlet side of Stratholme. You must take a party into Straholme and loot the painting that is in the same room as the Archivist.

Once you have the painting travel to (51, 77) in WPL. Speak to myranda and she will change character to look like a member of the scarlet crusade. Head to hearthglen (far north WPL, east of the lumber yard) and go into the building thats furthest away. If you can't find it just ride around and look for the building with a mark on your mini map.

Speak with Taelen and accept the quest "Of Dreams". He will ask you to break your disguise but don't break disguise! He will breeze through all of the elites that he has to kill in order to get to the tower. Trust me, even if he is at 1% health do not help! He is a palladin so he makes good use of his lay on hands spell.

Once you and Taelen have arrived at the tower just sit back and watch the show. If your disguise has broken don't stand in the middle of the fight. Stand far back enough to be in range of Taelen but not close enough to aggro the crusaders. LET TAELEN DIE. No matter what you do in this quest Taelen will die. The crusaders will turn their attention to you but do not run. Just take the beating and die. Once you die DO NOT RELEASE! Tirion Fordring will appear and kill the inquissitor. Once you have the quest marked as completed, release, run back to your body, speak with Tirion, and enjoy your reward.


33 Things You Should Know About Tool

#4. The band
�s Wikipedia page states that Keenan met Tool guitarist Adam Jones through Rage Against the Machine shredder Tom Morello. �That is untrue,� says Jones, who went to high school with Morello in Libertyville, Illinois. �We played together in a band called the Electric Sheep. We were terrible.�

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